1000 miles around Bohemia 2019

1000 miles around Bohemia 2019

Our trip or short moto-holiday around Slovakia along the borders with detours to Poland and Hungary began near the geographical center of Bohemia.

Very briefly…….

There were 7 groups in total with 91 riders with experienced leaders and rearers. Along the way, we visited many towns and completed themes of the days so that we had an accompanying program and it wasn’t just about the ride.

Day one – start, Havlíčkův Brod. The first stage lead us through the border intertwined by Divoká Orlice through Poland all the way to Jeseník and from there through small border villages we rode to the picturesque Polish town Rybník. In the evening a competition for a beer keg and then to sleep, so we’d be fresh in the morning.

Day two – the day began with the noise of excited riders on the hotel parking lot. The road, which was not the best in the beginning, suddenly turned into amazing switchbacks and a wooded landscape. Stops on Wislle, Orava, Tatras and other places along the route gave us strength for further wandering. In the evening we met in the Polish city Nowy Sącz. After a good dinner followed a competition quiz for what else than a beer keg, and a little staying up late.

Day three – the day began with a later departure because there was some chaos in the bar, but everything got fixed and we set off. It rained a little, but that’s just a part of it. We went to Slovakia through Muszyna and stayed there, the road was filled with turns along the river all the way to Ruská Vola. We continued to the Dukla Memorial, where it always breathes on me with great energy from the past. The ride continued to the border with Ukraine to Ubla, just for a look. Swimming in the quarry Beňatina came in handy because of the heat that accompanied us. The arrival in Košice and parking in the hotel congress hall, located on the hotel’s mezzanine floor, was an adventure. In the evening followed a tour of the Košice old town. We all had to bow down before the beautiful atmosphere of the night promenade.

Day four – began with the information “this stage is the longest” and we set off on the way home down south along the Hungarian border and then right to the Hungarian town Odz, where began a great zigzag road without traffic and restrictions. After this section came Štúrovo and Esztergom over the water (Danube) tour and photos. Of course coffee and ice cream too. After that just the last section to Gabčíkov and a tour of the water work. We’re ending in Bratislava. It’s Sunday evening, joint dinner, beer, wine and the expected journey analysis. Handing over certificates and badges with praise. Preparation for the morning departure. Again next time.

Altogether we rode approximately 1 700 km. In total, we drove about 95 000 miles.


You, who haven’t been – come on a trip with us next time in 2020. Motovýlety prepared a tour around and in Bohemia. The event is also open for other riders, but on other dates. There will be two dates and soon you’ll find them on www.motovýlety.cz/eu