Journey to the south – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro

Journey to the south – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro

A biker experience you will never forget. Drive south with us. We ride across Balaton to Pécs, we see a wonderful historic town. We continue to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we drive along the river Drina. In the late middle ages, the Drina river was a natural border between the Eastern and Western Roman Empires.

We visit also the town Visoko, where there are allegedly the oldest and tallest pyramids in the world. We visited them, it was an interesting experience… Our route leads to Sarajevo, then follows Pivsko Lake which is the largest artificial lake in Montenegro, and the dam on Mratinja, which maintains it, is 240 m high and is one of the largest in Europe. The lake is km long and in some places deeper than 200 meters. It is the largest drinking water reservoir in Europe and has excellent conditions for water sports. Especially attractive is fishing and views for those who wish to enjoy the sight of the surviving parts of the sunken canyon of the River Pive.

And now on to Zabljak and Dutmitor National Park. Who has never bee missed a lot. Beautiful countryside. There are 19 lakes in the mountains and are mostly of glacial origin. An important tourist center of the mountains is the village Žabljak, which lies at an altitude of 1450 m. It is also a winter ski resort. We end up in Tara at the monumental bridge where people jump down and ride headlessly on steel wires through the canyon. In the morning we continue through the town of Podgorica, which is the capital and the largest Montenegrin town, to the sea and take a rest on the rocky beaches of Good Water.

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